TEDCO has announced a recent $200,000 State Small Business Credit Initiative investment into Columbia-based Elite Gaming Live, an organization focused on educating students about careers in video game design and other technological areas.

EGL is a STEM platform seeking to recognize and reward students who are passionate about video games. It informs students about various career opportunities in video game design, as well as other related skills such as coding, computer programming and web development.

“Through EGL, we hope to support and encourage students in grades 3–12 to hone their skills doing something they love — playing video games,” said Kerwin Rent, CEO and founder of EGL. “By doing so, children are not only having fun, but they’re improving themselves, creating a skill set that can set them up for a successful future of video game design, coding or other STEM-focused fields.”

SSBCI funding is divided into four programs dedicated to helping support the various technology-based businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Maryland. For more information, visit www.tedcomd.com/funding.