The first vines that Ifeoma Onyia planted are beginning to fruit, but will take up to three years to produce enough grapes for wine production. (TBM / George Berkheimer)

Clyopatra Winery and Vineyard of Laurel has announced plans to open a boutique shop inside the city limits of Laurel.

The new location will be located at 24 C Street in C Street Flats, in the city’s Arts and Entertainment District.

“We’re currently finishing some minor construction and plan a soft opening on Oct. 1,” said owner Ifeoma Clyopatra Onyia. “We will be fully open for business on Oct. 14.”

Clyopatra Winery and Vineyard, located on Brooklyn Bridge Road in West Laurel, is the first vineyard in Laurel, and Onyia is the first African vintner in the United States. The vineyard is also targeting an Oct. 1 opening date.

Initial offerings will include custom blends from grapes grown on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Wine from Clyopatra’s own vines in Laurel will enter production in three years.