Columbia-based Dill Dinkers Pickleball has partnered with Strategic Factory, a single-point provider for printing, signage, branding and marketing. The integrated collaboration comes as Dill Dinkers continues to experience exponential franchise growth.

By partnering with Strategic Factory, Dill Dinkers franchisees will have a single-point solution for all of their marketing and branding needs, ensuring uniformity and consistency across all of its facilities. Owners/operators can benefit from comprehensive franchisee kits that also provide apparel, promotions, design services, direct mail, etc., in grand opening support, and more.

“We started Dill Dinkers because of our passion for the sport and the community it has provided us,” said Co-founder and CEO Will Richards, alongside his wife Denise, co-founder, and COO, who brings his own franchise owner-operator experience to the table as a former Domino’s multi-unit franchisee.

“As a former franchisee myself, it was crucial for us to ensure both owner-operators and investors could succeed,” said Will Richards. “We spent our time crafting the perfect business model and support system in place to ensure both single-unit and regional developers could achieve success in tandem with the rapid growth of the sport and the demand for indoor pickleball. We are thrilled to be growing like we have been and are grateful for our collaboration with Strategic Factory to ensure wherever pickleball players are, they can enjoy the sport in a Dill Dinkers, just as much as we do.”

Besides the Dill Dinkers Pickleball Club franchise offer, the company will offer territories for development featuring nine revenue streams, a robust operating system, a proprietary reporting and management platform that is mobile-enabled, an intensive training system, and a turnkey marketing program for grand opening and membership development.