The Maryland craft beverage industry has formed a strategic partnership with TBC, a Baltimore- based full-service branding, advertising and public relations agency.

The partnership, spearheaded by the Brewers Association of Maryland and in collaboration with the Maryland Wineries Association, the Maryland Distillers Guild and a committee of craft beverage alcohol manufacturers, was created to redefine the landscape of locally crafted beer, wine, spirits, mead and cider in the mid-Atlantic region.

In 2023, BAM and the committee secured grant funding from the Maryland Alcohol Manufacturers Promotional Fund to launch a comprehensive initiative aimed at elevating Maryland-made craft beverage alcohol products; through this partnership with TBC, BAM is aiming to create a new platform for the overall industry.

The partnership has kicked off its first phase with in-depth industry research and discovery to gain insights into the diverse landscape of Maryland’s craft beverage alcohol sector. Throughout the spring of 2024, TBC will work with stakeholders to define a brand identity that reflects the heritage of the state’s industry.

This phase of the project is slated to culminate in the unveiling of a new industry-wide brand by early fall.

While Maryland’s craft beverage industry, which has an annual economic impact of nearly $6 billion and employs more than 57,000 full-time workers, faces challenges in promotional efforts in comparison to Pennsylvania and Virginia, the partnership aims to level the playing field.