Blink Charging Co., a global manufacturer, owner, operator and provider of electric vehicle charging equipment and services, has opened its corporate headquarters in a 15,000-square-foot facility in Bowie.

The new location will be situated in Melford Town Center, a mixed-use community developed by St. John Properties. The new facility, which is on Howerton Way, will function as the central hub for Blink’s in-house manufacturing and production in North America.

In alignment with the Build America, Buy America Act, the facility will enable Blink to increase domestic manufacturing operations, thus replacing its overseas production. Maryland will serve as the assembly site for Blink’s Series 6, Series 7 and Series 8 L2 chargers.

Blink’s current manufacturing operation produces approximately 15,000 EV charging units annually. To meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, the company plans to increase capacity to more than 50,000 charging units per year.

In the near future, Blink also plans to construct a new LEED Gold-certified 30,000-square-foot production facility, which will include an extra production line to streamline operations, as well as expedite and increase production of EV charging units.

The company also plans to establish the Blink Center of Charging Excellence with various leading-edge features, such as:

Vehicle Interoperability Testing: A dedicated facility where Original Equipment Manufacturers can conduct tests on vehicle compatibility and design with various chargers.

Charger Certification with MET Labs: Blink will establish capabilities for unit certification in collaboration with MET Labs, a Baltimore-based company, at the facility.

Sponsoring Test Events: A platform for local, state, national and global industry stakeholders, as well as companies to convene and test cutting-edge technology.

State-of-the-Art Research & Development Lab: This facility will include a drive-in dock for vehicle testing across passenger, truck, bus and fleet vehicles. It will also feature vehicle simulators, calibration equipment, meter accuracy test equipment, EnergyStar pre-testing and regenerative load testing. Substantial technological investments will be made to pioneer the next generation of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.