bwtech@umbc and Startup Grind Maryland, a community of innovators, creators, technologists, startups and scaling companies, investors and educators with more than 12,000 members and an expansive worldwide reach, have engaged in a partnership that will be headquartered at bwtech@umbc.

SGM is part of Startup Grind, a global community with more than 5 million members in 600 chapters and 140 countries. Through the collaboration, bwtech@umbc and SGM aim to foster local and state economic growth by offering entrepreneurs the tools they want and need ― from work and gathering spaces to expert guidance and educational programs ― to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

“Our missions and visions closely align on many levels,” said Aaron Miscenich, executive director at bwtech@umbc. “Both [organizations] focus on educating and connecting entrepreneurs with the resources and opportunities they need to build successful and sustainable companies. This partnership will allow us to broaden our efforts and help more promising businesses thrive.”

“As Startup Grind transitioned into a statewide focus, we wanted to establish more centrality and certainty for our vision to serve all parts of the state of Maryland,” said SGM Managing Director Chris Haug, “and bwtech wanted to expand the breadth and depth of its programming and services. We quickly realized that, together, we could do far more for the Maryland innovation ecosystem than we could individually.”