Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) President William Baker is preparing to retire. Baker, 67, began working for CBF as an intern in 1976 and has run the organization since 1981.

“I’m proud of the many things we have accomplished over the years. But there is a lot left to do in 2021 and beyond. When CBF was founded over 50 years ago, the Bay was dying. Today, a restored Bay is within sight. But we are not there yet. The recovery, while tangible, is still fragile,” said Baker. “Our success is due to the dedicated work of the Board and staff, supported by hundreds-of-thousands of members.”

“We stand on the precipice of saving this national treasure. We, all who are involved across the Bay’s vast watershed, are making history,” he said. “Saving the Chesapeake Bay can be the greatest environmental success this country has ever seen.”