Congressman Ruppersberger

Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger joined the House Appropriations Committee in passing legislation that will upgrade Maryland roads, rails and the Port of Baltimore. The Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2022 passed the Committee in a 33 to 24 vote and now heads to the full U.S. House of Representatives for consideration. 

The $162.6 billion bill funds housing and transportation projects vital to our way of life. It creates tens of thousands of inspection and construction jobs by rebuilding aging airports, highways, railroads and ports. It expands rental assistance for families experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness and invests in new, energy and water-efficient public housing units while working to remediate lead paint and radon in existing units. 

An appropriator, Ruppersberger leveraged his role to secure funding for projects including: 

  • $300 million for the Port Infrastructure Development Program, a competitive grant program that benefits the Port of Baltimore; 
  • $1.2 billion for grants to improve Amtrak rail service throughout the Northeast Corridor including the Baltimore-Washington region; 
  • $60 million to establish the Tanker Fleet Program, which will support commercial vessels that utilize the Port of Baltimore; 
  • $45 million for the National Park Service to repair roads including the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. 

Among the bills other highlights is $3.7 billion for Community Development Block Grants for states, cities and counties to develop housing in urban neighborhoods and expand economic opportunities for low and moderate-income Americans.