Anne Arundel County has announced two key solar and renewable energy initiatives. Executive Order 57 commits the county to purchasing 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 to run all government operations; and Bill 19-22 paves the way for a public-private partnership with Ameresco to build a solar project on the closed Glen Burnie Landfill, which will provide the county with clean electricity and cost savings for the next 25 years.

Executive Order 57 commits the county to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by using less electricity and purchasing electricity from renewable sources. It requires the county to partner with the private sector to build more solar energy facilities on brownfields, landfills and other county-owned properties; retrofit existing buildings to use less energy, and design newer, more energy-efficient buildings.

As the first step to purchasing more renewable energy, the county will lease about 20 acres of the closed landfill to Ameresco to build a solar energy generating facility. During the next 25 years, the county will receive $3.075 million in lease payments from Ameresco, and will purchase solar energy from the company at set costs that are estimated to save taxpayers $3.675 million.

Together, the county estimates the overall effort will provide $6.75 million in taxpayer savings. It was made possible by two unanimous County Council votes to approve a lease agreement and a power purchase agreement with Ameresco.