Anne Arundel Community College’s EXCELL Performance Coaching Conversation Model has received the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources 2022 HR Innovation Award. The award recognizes innovative thinking in higher education HR, especially models that can be adapted for use on other campuses. 

The EXCELL Performance Coaching Conversation Model was created as an alternative to a previously-used performance evaluation process, where staff were evaluated once at the end of each fiscal year with a process involving a cumbersome online performance management system.

The workplace pivot with the onset of COVID-19 opened the door for process evaluations, including the pilot for the EXCELL performance coaching conversation model.

The new model featured a simple one-page evaluation worksheet that guides supervisors through five steps of a coaching conversation they would have with their employees every 90 days. EXCELL is an acronym for those five steps: 
1. EXpress appreciation
2. Constructive coaching 
3. Environment and values  
4. Learning and growth
5. Listen to employee to develop goals together.

The pilot received positive reviews from the supervisors and employees as it was easier to manage than the prior system, it encouraged more engagement and appreciation between employees and supervisors and it proved to be more budget-friendly than the previous performance management system.

CUPA-HR made a $5,000 contribution to AACC in recognition of the award.