For the second time, Anne Arundel County received a AAA rating with all three credit rating agencies ― Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

Last year, Anne Arundel County became one of only 52 counties in the nation to secure a triple-A rating from all three major credit agencies after Fitch upgraded its credit rating. In its report this year, Fitch stated “[Our rating] reflects the county’s stable economic underpinnings, superior gap-closing capacity and low long-term liability burden.”

“County Executive [Steuart Pittman] and the County Council have fortified Anne Arundel’s fiscal foundation over the past several years and these [AAA] ratings are a testament to those efforts,” said Anne Arundel County Budget Officer Chris Trumbauer. “We are retaining our well-earned AAA status with a stable outlook in a time of elevated inflation and economic uncertainty, which is a credit to the vision of the administration and council, as well as the hard work of both the budget and finance teams.”

Fitch also anticipated that the county would navigate economic downturns while upholding a strong degree of fundamental financial flexibility. All three agencies gave the county a “stable” outlook.

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