The Downtown Columbia Partnership (DTC) and The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) are hosting the 4th annual Books in Bloom (BIB) book festival in a new virtual format. For the schedule and registration, visit

The festival will feature the following programs:

Thursday, July 23, 7-8 p.m. Conversation with Sarah Posner, author who takes a deep dive into the connection between Donald Trump and Evangelicals in her new book Unholy: Why White Evangelicals Worship at the Altar of Donald Trump.

Saturday, July 25, 11-11:45 a.m. Anime, Animation and the Rescued Imagination: How cartoons can help us do social justice work in our own imagination, with Steven Leyva

Wednesday, July 29, 7-8 p.m. Well Red Book Club: Megan Giddings, author of Lakewood, a novel that peeks into the terrifying world of medical experimentation through the lens of race and class.

Thursday, July 30, 7-8 p.m. Conversation with Greg Mania, author of Born to Be Public, a hilarious debut memoir that chronicle’s the comedian’s exploration of identity (and the rediscovery of it), mental health, sex and relationships

Saturday, August 1, 11 a.m. Haiku Workshop with Tim Singleton

Thursday, August 6, 7-8 p.m. Immigration and Identify Panel:

  • Abdi Nor Iftin, author of the riveting and dramatic memoir Call Me American: A Memoir that details his path to the US from incredible violence in Somalia.
  • A Naomi Paik, author of Bans, Walls, Raids, Sanctuary: Understanding US Immigration Policy which looks at the significant barriers to immigration embedded in the very foundation of the United States.
  • Laura Briggs whose book Taking Children argues that for four hundred years the United States has taken children for political ends.

 Friday, August 7, 7-8 p.m. Conversation with Leslie Kern, feminist geographer author of Feminist City: A Field Guide, a collection of essays to encourage audiences to think differently about spaces and city life.

Saturday, August 8, 11 a.m. Emerging Voices: Young Writers’ Workshop with Grace Cavalieri

Thursday, August 13, 7-8 p.m. Conversation with Elizabeth Acevedo, New York Times best-seller and author of the new book Clap When You Land, a novel-in-verse about the devastation of loss, the difficulty of forgiveness, and the bittersweet bonds that shape our lives.

Saturday, August 15, 11 a.m. Kids’ Corner: Story and Craft Time with Girlfriends Book Club Baltimore

 Wednesday, August 19, 7-8 p.m. Well Red Book Club: Sheila Williams whose newest novel, The Secret Women, looks at the complexity of mother-daughter relationships. Her book, Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, now a Netflix film, Juanita, starring Alfre Woodard.

Thursday, August 20, 7-8 p.m. Conversation with Robin DiAngelo, author of New York Times bestseller White Fragility, will close out the festival with a moderation discussion on the book’s themes.

For full event listings and links to event registrations, visit