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Maryland’s 10 retail and 10 mobile sportsbooks combined to generate $4,650,711 in contributions to the state during May 2023, the second-best single-month total to date.

Statewide handle in May totaled $320,199,671, with mobile handle accounting for 95.3% of the total at $305,063,591. Mobile wagering delivered $4,439,703 in contributions to the state during May, while retail sportsbooks contributed $211,009.

The state’s sports wagering market added a new mobile licensee during May as Maryland Stadium Sub and its operator, Fanatics Sportsbook, conducted a controlled demonstration on May 30. Maryland Stadium Sub was issued its license to operate on June 1, but wagering that occurred during its May 30 controlled demonstration is included in the statewide totals for May. Fanatics became the 10th mobile sportsbook operator to launch in Maryland.

A detailed summary of each sportsbook, including handle, hold percentage, prizes paid, promotional play, taxable win and contribution to the state is available for download at mdgaming.com.

Each sportsbook contributes 15% of its taxable win to the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund, which supports public education programs. Here are the statewide sports wagering totals for May 2023:
Handle (Amount players wagered, including free promotional wagers)
● Retail: $15,136,080 (includes $20,281 in free promotional wagers)
● Mobile: $305,063,591 (includes $10,894,943 in free promotional wagers)
● Combined: $320,199,671

Prizes (Winnings paid to players)
● Retail: $13,550,937
● Mobile: $263,906,518
● Combined: $277,457,454

Hold (Handle less prizes paid)
● Retail: $1,585,144 (10.5%)
● Mobile: $41,157,073 (13.5%)
● Combined: $42,742,217 (13.3%)

Taxable Win (Amount remaining after deducting prizes, promotional wagers and other amounts)
● Retail: $1,406,723
● Mobile: $29,598,020
● Combined: $31,004,743

Sports Wagering Tax (15% of the Taxable Win)
● Retail: $211,009
● Mobile: $4,439,703
● Combined: $4,650,711

Since the inception of Maryland’s sports wagering program in December 2021:
● Cumulative contribution to the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund: $25,306,654
● Cumulative expired prizes contributed to the Problem Gambling Fund: $2,102,783

Additional retail locations and mobile sportsbooks are expected to launch in the near future.