“There is a turning point in every war. Ours is when a man comes in off the streets, through our door.”

That’s the motto of The Baltimore Station, a therapeutic residential and outpatient treatment program supporting veterans who are overcoming obstacles to regain self-sufficiency.

Kim Callari (Submitted photo)

And The Station is set to help even more veterans. The organization received a capital grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to convert two row homes in West Baltimore to single-room occupancy. Currently the residents in The Station-owned homes have to share bedrooms and bathrooms. “Once completed, we will use these rooms for men getting ready to transition from The Baltimore Station to independent living,” explained Baltimore Station deputy director Kim Callari. “In the event of another public health emergency, we will be able to isolate men in their own room.”

Callari added that she sees client needs are changing due to the population that The Baltimore Station serves. “Since the pandemic, our men are coming to us with higher levels of mental health needs and more physical challenges,” she said. “As a result, we adapt our programming to their specific needs.”

The Baltimore Station receive the Central Maryland Chamber Business Partner Award, which Callari described as “such an honor.”

Her most treasured aspect of the CMC is the people. “Everyone is so engaging, supportive and excited to help one another,” she said. “We have made so many connections since joining the chamber. Best decision we ever made!”