Being the voice of the chamber. Simply put, that’s the role of the CMC Legislative Committee. 

Cindi Mitchell (Blue Flaire, LLC) and Greg Snyder (The Arc, Central Chesapeake Region), co-chairs, have structured the committee to prioritize being the voice representing CMC members before the 2024 Maryland General Assembly during this year’s legislative session.

Cindi Mitchell (Submitted photo)

“We welcome any of our members who have an interest in joining us for an upcoming meeting,” said Mitchell. “We meet two times a month for one hour, and roll up our sleeves to review and discuss key legislation proposals, provide our members with information about the proposed legislation, and prepare written testimony to Maryland’s General Assembly committees and our central Maryland counties — Anne Arundel Howard, and Prince Georges — public hearings.”

The committee establishes legislative priorities and reviews bills affecting the region’s business community, identifies those requiring action by the chamber, and coordinates chamber testimony before the General Assembly.

Greg Snyder (Submitted photo)

Snyder underscored the importance of being part of CMC’s public voice. “One of the really cool aspects of the Legislative Committee is being able to provide your voice and input on different legislation that might impact businesses, large and small, plus be able to have an impact on your own business,” he said.