Stephanie Gething (All-American Intelligent Solutions, Inc.) simply loves the culture of the CMC. 

Stephanie Gething (Submitted Photo)

“I love the culture of giving, of helping,” she said. “I love the welcoming aspect, how every event is attended by people whose initial reason for outreach, is asking how they can help.”

For Gething, chamber membership centers on how businesses support each other. 

Her role as chair of the Military Affairs Committee, which received the 2020 Army Partnership Award, reflects that mentality. “Our focus is to provide support to the Fort Meade community,” she said. “There are so many facets to that community — you have the active duty service members, the organizations that support them, military children, spouses, and the list goes on.”

The committee also regularly discovers new ways to support the Fort Meade community as roles evolve. The goal is to create a stronger connection between the local business community and the fort.

Gething welcomes new members to the Military Affairs Committee. “We are welcoming to all interested parties, whether you have military in your background or not,” she said. “It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved in something that’s bigger than yourself.”