Mitchell Romm (Submitted photo)

These days, running a business is far more than just being good at your trade. That’s the philosophy of Mitchell Romm (Doctor Backup, LLC), co-chair of the CMC Small Business Committee. 

“Relationships with other chamber members have helped me to locate local experts to help me run and grow my business,” he said. “I frequently attend educational seminars to be on the vanguard of new technology and the ever-changing regulatory environment.”

He reflected on the committee’s priority. “Our main mission is identifying and offering to the chamber population — and their guests — introductory seminars on topics we feel will benefit small businesses owners and operators,” he said. “We’ve also established a tight-knit group where we can have a candid and frank discussion on emerging topics and issues with each other.”

He urges others to get involved with the CMC and with the Small Business Committee. “Just do it. Get out. Meet people. Press the flesh,” he said. “In-person events increase trust and build relationships — and referrals — quicker.”

There’s something for every business, he added. “Just pick how you want to engage: committee work, general networking, business development, lead exchange meetings, mixers, and so on,” he said.