It’s about connecting businesses to resources. Mary Bello (Upwell Advisors), who co-chairs the Regional Economic Development Committee, emphasized the aspects of informing chamber members about programs and resources to help grow their business — and connecting them directly to these opportunities. 

Mary Bello (Submitted photo)

“For example, there are quite a few grant and loan programs available that can make a measurable impact and help a business grow: funds for workforce training, purchasing equipment, upgrading software and cybersecurity,” she said. 

She urged people to join the committee. “We can all benefit from having more members representing a variety of industries and sizes,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the issues impacting our regional business community and to learn about innovative solutions available to businesses of all sizes.”

The spirit of the Regional Economic Development Committee also reflects the culture of the chamber in general, added Bello. 

“One of my favorite aspects of the chamber involves making introductions that connect people in ways beneficial to both,” she said, “or learning about programs through our partners, such as the departments of commerce and labor, and connecting businesses to those opportunities.”