The Columbia-based Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP) is announcing several new platforms and programs to help Maryland’s manufacturing community meet the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Maryland manufacturers can help

MD MEP has been asked to identify Maryland manufacturers who are currently providing or have the capabilities to quickly develop and produce products, services and equipment to the medical supply chain or other essential items. MD MEP is collecting this information and sharing it with the State of Maryland as well as its federal partners to help inform and develop the country’s critical supply chain. Manufacturers willing and able to support these efforts should complete the online form at

Resources for Maryland manufacturers

Maryland Manufacturing Helpline. Maryland manufacturers are facing many challenges due to COVID-19, including supply chain disruptions, lost contracts or sales, workforce, access to capital and more. MD MEP is collecting personal accounts from manufacturers via the online Maryland Manufacturing Helpline to share with state and federal stakeholders. MD MEP is also ready to provide information, resources and both direct assistance and referrals to other stakeholders to help these organizations. To access the Maryland Manufacturing Helpline, visit

COVID-19 Discussion Forum. The true strength of the Maryland manufacturing community is in the network of resources, experts and innovative companies that are willing to share and support one another. In support of this, MD MEP has created an open online forum for manufacturers to ask questions, provide information, share resources and best practices in this time of need. To access the forum, visit

MD MEP Impact Incentive

To help companies respond to the supply chain need, MD MEP may have funding available to offset the cost of responding to produce critical items. Organizations considering this may contact Samantha Calvo at [email protected] for more information.