PCS-Mosaic Holdings, of Fulton, has acquired four ASRC Federal intelligence solutions companies and the launch of its new Athenix business unit in a move designed to dramatically expand the firm’s intelligence community footprint.

The acquired companies – OSI LLC, Agency Consulting Group, Kimmich Software Solutions and ExaTech Solutions – all of which previously operated within ASRC Federal’s Defense and Intel group, are now part of PCS-Mosaic’s Athenix Cyber & SIGINT Solutions business, which based in Columbia.

Athenix joins the PCS-Mosaic portfolio of businesses, which includes Mosaic Technologies Group, also of Fulton; and Visual Awareness Technologies & Consulting, of Tampa, Fla. Altogether, PCS-Mosaic Holdings is now home to more than 400 employees serving intelligence, cyber and special operations customers at key locations in Maryland; Georgia; Virginia; Texas; MacDill Air Force Base, in Florida; and Fort Bragg, in N.C.

Through the transaction, ASRC Federal is acquiring an equity interest in PCS-Mosaic.