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Columbia-based Camelot Secure, a new cybersecurity company, has unveiled its Advanced Persistent Threat Hunting service. The service blends network monitoring and log analysis with strategic threat intelligence feeds, plus behavioral analysis, to identify and neutralize potential threats.

At the core of the APT Hunting service is its offensive strategy, which dives deep into network infrastructures to uncover and disrupt threat patterns. Utilizing AI and Machine Learning technologies, these patterns are mapped against MITRE ATT&CK framework, ensuring a constantly evolving and proactive defense mechanism.

The Four Pillars of Camelot’s APT Hunting methodology are key to the service:

Unification of Multiple Data Sources: Integrating data from various sources and intelligence feeds achieves a comprehensive security overview, ensuring no threat goes unnoticed.

Cybersecurity Baseline Creation: The baseline defines “normal” behavior within an organization’s network by identifying and documenting the standard operational activities and patterns of network traffic, user behavior, system performance and security events.

Automation: Camelot’s system automates the identification of “normal” behavior across protected cyber landscapes, enabling real-time vigilance and consistent hypotheses testing against the established baseline.

Dashboard Generation: The APT Hunting dashboard employs advanced algorithms and Machine Learning to sift through the myriad of alerts generated by various cybersecurity tools and systems. Camelot’s APT Hunting service ranks alerts by evaluating the context, patterns, and anomalies in the data, ensuring that the most critical issues are brought to the forefront for immediate attention.

“At Camelot, our approach transforms how we think about cyber defense. Our APT Hunting service counters bad actors by actively hunting and neutralizing their dangers before they impact our clients’ networks,” said Camelot CEO Stanford Oliver. “This is cybersecurity redefined, proactively protecting and defending by integrating cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning with the power of the MITRE ATT&CK framework.”

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