The Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture (MCAAHC) and the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) have awarded 13 African American Heritage Preservation Program (AAHPP) grants totaling $1,000,000 to Maryland nonprofit groups for fiscal 2022.

These grants offer assistance to organizations and private citizens in their sponsorship of projects involving acquisition, construction, or improvement of sites related to African American heritage. This year’s grant awards range from $48,000 to $100,000.

The mission of MCAAHC is to interpret, document, preserve, and promote Maryland’s African American heritage, to provide technical assistance to institutions and groups with similar objectives, and to educate Maryland’s citizens and visitors about the significance of the African American experience in Maryland and the nation. MCAAHC is housed within the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives.

Online applications for fiscal 2023 AAHPP funding will be available in spring 2022 on MHT’s website (

For more information about the grant program, contact Barbara Fisher (MHT) at [email protected] or 410-697-9574, or MCAAHC Director Chanel Compton at [email protected] or 410-216-6180.

For information about organizations receiving grants, please contact the institutions directly.