Photo courtesy National Governors Association.

Gov. Larry Hogan announced that all employees across state government will receive a 4.5 percent cost of living adjustment increase, effective Nov. 1, as part of a series of measures to enhance statewide workforce recruitment and retention efforts.

The governor’s action follows official budget projections from the Board of Revenue Estimates showing that, for the second consecutive year, the state is reporting a multi-billion dollar surplus. Overall, after inheriting a $5.1 billion structural budget deficit, the governor will leave office with a record $5.5 billion in reserves — a more than $10 billion swing.

“After once again holding the line and bringing fiscal responsibility to Annapolis, we are able to take additional steps to honor our firefighters, law enforcement officers, nurses and state employees for the meaningful work they do to change Maryland for the better,” said Hogan. “This cost of living adjustment will help state employees and their families with the challenges they face from historic inflation and — amid the post-pandemic labor shortage — today’s actions advance our enhanced efforts to recruit and retain a talented workforce.”