The Maryland State Department of Education released its 2018-19 School Report Card, containing data about all schools in the state.

Each School Report Card provides a snapshot of how a school is performing based on Every Student Succeeds Act indicators, which include academic achievement, rate of chronic absenteeism and access to a well-rounded curriculum as well as academic progress for elementary and middle schools, and college and career readiness indicators and 2017-18 graduation rates for high schools.

Additional indicators factored into the scores for the first time this year include student achievement on the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment and Maryland School Survey results. The school survey is completed by all teachers and students in grades 5-11 to collect information about relationships, engagement, the school environment and safety.

Each Maryland school received a star rating.

School reports are posted on the Maryland Report Card website, and a help guide provides interpretation of the results. Search by school name here –