The Howard County Board of Education approved the superintendent’s Proposed Capital Budget for the July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022 fiscal year (2022) and state capital priority list, following a public hearing and work session on the capital budget during the board’s regularly scheduled virtual meeting on Sept. 24.

The fiscal 2022 Capital Budget request totals $108 million. The state priority list identifies in priority order the capital projects that will be submitted for State funding consideration.

The board also approved the Long Range Master Plan for fiscal 2022–2031, after amending the Superintendent’s proposal with the addition of new High School No. 14 and new Elementary School No. 44.

The board’s approval of the proposed capital budget represents the first step in the annual capital budget process, which begins well in advance of the school system’s Operating Budget cycle, in order to accommodate deadlines associated with submission of the State Capital Budget.

The board’s proposed fiscal 2022 Capital Budget will be submitted to the Howard County Planning Board and County Council for consideration. Next, project requests are submitted to the Maryland Interagency Commission on School Construction. On Feb. 11, 2021, the board will adopt its budget request, which will then be submitted to the county executive. In May 2021, the County Council will adopt the Howard County Capital Budget, and the board will adopt the final Capital Budget on May 27, 2021.