With a new name and a strengthened relationship with the Maryland Innovation Center, Training & Development Solutions by Howard Community College (HCC) is envisioned to become an integral part of building the workforce in Howard County and beyond.

While HCC has offered workforce training for more than two decades, the new name conveys training that is not only offered through offices within the Maryland Innovation Center at Columbia Gateway but also onsite and online for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Minah Woo, associate vice president at HCC.

Small businesses are an important focus for Training & Development Solutions, said Minah Woo, associate vice president of continuing education and workforce development at HCC. Woo noted that more than 75 percent of the businesses in Howard County have 20 or fewer employees.

“I really want to expand our services to reach out to small businesses,” said Woo, “especially because the current younger workforce demands professional growth –if they don’t feel like they’re growing and achieving, they don’t tend to stay very long.”

Woo believes Training & Development Solutions can be the “go-to” for programs related to anything from English language skills to how to nurture a respectful workplace culture.

“For example, some of our training programs help new managers learn to read situations and respond in meaningful ways,” said Woo. “Just because you’re excellent at your job doesn’t mean you have the leadership skills to manage people doing the work.”

Businesses are also seeking training in diversity and cultural awareness, executive leadership, and succession planning, added Woo.

“Human resources leaders and company management seeking a training partner can find high-quality solutions here,” she said. “The enrichment opportunities we offer can change lives by helping people gain the skills they need to become effective and impactful leaders of our community.”

Learn more about the program at www.howardcc.edu/programs-courses/continuing-education/training-development.