Superintendent Michael Martirano. Photo courtesy HCPSS.

The Howard County Board of Education recently voted to renew the contract of Superintendent Michael Martirano through the 2025-2026 school year. The superintendent’s current four-year contract was set to expire on June 30, 2022.

The superintendent sought a contract that aligned to the terms of the current contract and did not seek an additional increase in salary. The negotiated salary for the next four years is a continuation of the current contract that included an annual .5 percent salary increase. The superintendent’s salary increases .5 percent annually from $289,296 during the final year of the current contract to $290,743 to begin the first year of the new contract.

“On behalf of the Howard County Board of Education, we are extremely grateful and comforted that Dr. Martirano will remain our Superintendent for the next four years,” said Howard County Public School System Board of Education Chair Vicky Cutroneo. “Nearly five years ago, Dr. Martirano joined the school system as interim superintendent during a very tumultuous time. Since then, first as acting and then as the permanent superintendent, he has successfully addressed major system deficiencies and implemented a comprehensive Strategic Call to Action (SCTA) to guide our system’s work. Through his collaborative leadership, he has worked with our state and county leaders to put the school system on stable financial footing, advance much needed capital projects, and most important of all, leverage funding and resources for special education, student well-being, technology and many other overlooked areas.”

At the start of the superintendent’s current term, he memorialized his priorities through the Strategic Call to Action, which has guided the work of the school district through a lens of equity for all students and staff. Through 15 desired outcomes, the SCTA details the Superintendent’s commitment to all stakeholders and provides accountability towards those efforts.

The board’s renewal of the superintendent’s contract was lauded by several leaders in Howard County, including leaders of all HCPSS bargaining units.

“Dr. Martirano has been a collaborative partner throughout the past few years,” said Howard County Executive Calvin Ball. “We’ve been successful in partnering to eliminate a health fund deficit that grew to $40 million between fiscal years 2015 and 2019 and funding vital school construction and renovations to address school overcrowding with new High School #13, the Talbott Springs replacement and Hammond High renovations. It is our shared priority to ensure Howard County always has the best public school system in the nation for all of our student and educators, and I look forward to our continued partnership moving forward.”