Howard County Executive Calvin Ball was joined by Howard Community College President Dr. Daria Willis to announce a $3.5 million scholarship program ― Complete4Success ― for Howard Community College students.

The Complete4Success Scholarship will cover tuition and fees, emergency needs and training in critical industries for 2,000 eligible students so students can get their credits to complete their degrees and move into jobs and careers.

“Across our nation, higher education enrollment suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students were faced with desperate situations—having to address both their academic and emergency needs such as digital access, books, food and transportation,” said Ball. “The Complete4Success program will allow our students to get the last few credits they need to complete their training or degree so that they can focus on creating their best selves and best future. These scholarships will also help us invest in our students so they can, in turn, give back in hard-hit industries.”

This funding will supply needed resources for nearly 1,200 credit students who are near completion of their degree. The program will also assist approximately 500 noncredit students with short-term training. The application process is still under development and will be shared in the coming weeks.

In addition to supplying needed support to help students receive their degrees or certificates, Ball allocated $1.2 million in funding to provide essential and emergency needs for students.