The University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park are opening a new institute for researchers to use artificial intelligence to diagnose, prevent and treat disease.

The universities are collaborating with the University of Maryland Medical System and Montgomery County to establish the University of Maryland 3-Institute for Health Computing in North Bethesda.

This new Institute, which is set to open in North Bethesda in early 2023, is intended to leverage recent advances in artificial intelligence and computing to create a health care system that evaluates both de-identified and secure digitized medical health data to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases in patients across Maryland.
It will also catalyze a clinical data science ecosystem that draws FDA and NIH investigators, UMB and UMCP faculty, medical bioinformatic educational programs and students, and industry partners, allowing expansion of computational “dry” laboratories, virtual meeting rooms and classrooms.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented revolution in health care that is being driven by biomedical innovation, the digitization of medical records and advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence,” said UMB President Bruce Jarrell. “This new Institute will include all of these elements in a synergistic effect that will transform our health care system.”

Initial funding of $25 million is being provided by MPower, which is the partnership between UMB and UMCP. The Montgomery County government will provide an additional $40 million to develop the site.