Photo courtesy University of Maryland.

MBA programs at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business are now STEM-designated, recognizing the analytical, data-informed nature of the curriculum. The STEM designation acknowledges the value of the degree for those seeking to work in business analytics and technology-driven enterprise, says Assistant Dean of MBA Programs Rosellina Ferraro.

“The Smith School STEM-designated MBA program prepares future business leaders to make better business decisions by offering a curriculum focused on technology and data analytics techniques,” said Ferraro, “and complementing them with skills in leadership and strategic thinking.”

Issues around integrating AI are infused throughout the coursework, and courses like Data-Driven Decision Models, Data Analytics, and Strategic and Transformational IT are included.

“Our STEM designation signals to employers that graduates from our program understand how to uncover data-derived insights to drive value creation,” said Neta Moye, assistant dean of career services for the Smith School. “This is a skill valuable to any organization whose competitive advantage depends on data analytic capabilities, organizations well beyond the technology sector including consulting, finance, retail, and consumer products.”