Photo courtesy University of Maryland.

The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business is working to engage businesses with students in its Master of Science in Information Systems program by creating specific information technology solutions.

A new prospectus from Smith is designed to accelerate students working with sponsor firms to analyze a business problem, then design and produce a prototype of an IT solution for the issue. An industry seminar this fall will kick-start the initiative with presentations within the above framework by leaders from Nestle, IBM, ServiceNow, Wayfair, Marriott, 3D Houdini and System Pavers. Subsequent collaborations between MSIS students and sponsor companies will run from spring 2024 through fall 2024.

Smith MSIS students focus on AI tools, methods and algorithms that are used to create intelligent systems while considering the ethical impacts of AI on society. The program also engages students in designing and managing cloud-based platforms and tech infrastructures, and works to develop their expertise on the economics of cloud deployments and in managing the complexities involved in migration initiatives. They also get hands-on experience using cloud-based technology stacks.

“MSIS students also learn the ins and outs of emerging technologies, like in applying Web3, Blockchain, [Internet of Things] and other technologies to everyday work, and this push to make this happen in real business settings also is an outcome of a broader Smith School commitment to expand experiential learning,” said Associate Clinical Professor of Information Systems John Bono.
Prospective sponsoring companies can complete the MSIS Industry Experience Prospectus at; and get more information via