BGE is the first utility in Maryland to gain regulatory approval for the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) on its gas distribution system. Approval of BGE’s RNG tariff from the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) comes as Maryland’s first RNG plant, owned and operated by Bioenergy Devco, nears completion in Howard County.

“Our new RNG tariff and this first RNG project in Maryland jump-start a new industry in Maryland, contributing to economic growth, managing waste streams, and bringing a cleaner, renewable energy source to our community,” said BGE’s senior vice president of governmental and external affairs Rodney Oddoye. “We appreciate the partnership with the governor’s office, our regulators, and Bioenergy Devco to create this path between RNG producers and our customers and also support customer demand for renewable energy products.”

RNG is derived from existing resources such as farm manure and food waste, and is a renewable energy source with a low or net negative carbon intensity depending on its source. It is interchangeable with conventional natural gas and can be used in the same way – electricity production, heating and cooling, industrial applications, and transportation. RNG production also takes inputs from local sources, diverts waste from landfills, and creates jobs.

BioEnergy Devco’s flagship food waste to RNG plant is anticipated to produce gas in the first quarter of 2022, and will generate enough gas to power the equivalent of nearly 5,000 homes’ annual usage.

“We are proud to support BGE’s efforts to bring renewable natural gas to Maryland’s grid by leveraging our new anaerobic digester in Jessup to turn food waste into a carbon-neutral, green fuel alternative,” said Bioenergy Devco CEO Shawn Kreloff. “The [PSC’s] approval paves the path for future RNG projects in the state, and we look forward to producing the state’s first source of RNG in the coming months. It is an honor to participate in this big step for Maryland as a national sustainability leader.”