(vschlichting / Depositphotos.com)

The Maryland Board of Public Works unanimously approved a contract to provide sound insulation treatments for 18 homes near BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

The Board, chaired by Gov. Wes Moore and including Comptroller Brooke Lierman and Treasurer Dereck Davis, approved the $1.1 million contract to improve homes in the approved noise mitigation contour as part of the BWI Marshall Airport Residential Sound Insulation Program.

Improvements may include acoustical windows and doors that are designed to help block noise, as well as insulation, sealant and other treatments approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. To date, BWI Marshall has mitigated 750 local homes and four schools at a cost of approximately $80 million.

The construction contract approved by the Board is the first phase of a $35 million, multi-year program that will ultimately improve more than 100 single family homes and more than 300 multi-family units in 17 buildings. Construction phasing is being planned for the additional local properties.

The BWI Marshall Residential Sound Insulation improvements are largely funded by FAA grants, along with additional support from passenger facility charges.