The Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM), of Linthicum, has announced a new, focused education program on behavioral health trauma-informed care. This program will be offered two days: April 4, in Easton, and April 5, in Linthicum.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is requiring the implementation of trauma-informed care by November 2019 under Phase 3 regulations. This HFAM education program, presented by CMS certified experts from Assurant Learning and Performance Solutions, will offer valuable information, tools and resources to improve delivery of behavioral health and trauma-informed care. Participants will gain an understanding of the broad framework of behavioral health with a detailed examination of new CMS requirements.

Trauma-informed care is a treatment framework that recognizes, understands, and responds to the fact that many people have lasting effects from adverse life experiences. It emphasizes physical, emotional, and psychological safety of both residents and staff and helps survivors recover control.

Specific topics of the HFAM training program will include F-Tag Examination, disease and non-disease states associated with behavioral health, PASRR updates, and best practices for trauma-informed care. Providers across all care settings will benefit from this six-hour educational program, including administrators, directors of nursing, directors of social services, training directors, activity directors and other leadership staff. To learn more visit or call 410-290-5132.