Howard County Executive Calvin Ball recently gathered top officials from the county, the Howard County Health Department, and the Howard County General Hospital to address Howard County’s coronavirus prevention and preparedness efforts.`

There are currently no confirmed coronavirus cases in Howard County. Updates from the Howard County Health Department on the coronavirus can be found at

Howard County Health Department has been actively engaged in reviewing existing plans if a local response is needed, participating in regular briefings with the CDC and state, and communicating to Howard County clinicians to ensure they are equipped to respond.

The Health Department has also developed guidance for our many local partners and agencies, public and private schools, providers, businesses, and the public. Additionally, a warmline is available at 410-313-6284 to respond to questions from the community. For residents that may have contracted coronavirus and need to be tested, officials urged use of the warmline.

All officials stressed simple habits and recommendations to reduce the risk of transmission including washing your hands with soap and water, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and staying home if you are sick.