Annapolis Music Therapy Services recently celebrated the opening of its new location at The Offices At Riva, in Annapolis, with an Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. More than 100 people attended, including elected officials who supported legislative bills that brought state licensure to all music therapists working in Maryland.

Annapolis Music Therapy Services serves clients throughout central Maryland and the Eastern Shore, in settings such as school-based programs, assisted living, mental health counseling, etc.

Music therapy is an established allied health profession that utilizes clinical, evidence-based and relationship-focused music experiences to help meet physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual needs of an individual across the lifespan. Now with state licensure in Maryland, there are increased possibilities for consumers to access music therapy services for themselves, a loved one or a community in which they serve.

Though state licensure does not guarantee coverage or reimbursement from private health insurance carriers, in some cases there has been success for some clients. In addition to a growing number of music therapy private practices in the region, licensed professional music therapists are also employed by state and local agencies who provide services to the public.

Since the music therapy licensure bill passed last year, music therapists can also be found in hospital systems like Johns Hopkins, with a rapidly growing interest within health systems across the state.