The Howard County Local Health Improvement Coalition has received a $19,400 award from the Maryland Department of Health’s Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control. It will be used to implement activities aimed at addressing food security in the county identified by an LHIC committee during the first year of the project.

The funds are in addition to those received in 2022 to support the establishment of the LHIC food security committee and the development of a work plan to address the needs of the community.

The second year of the project will prioritize the implementation and completion of additional steps to improve food security in the County. Efforts that will be undertaken include:
● Analysis of a recently-completed food and nutrition survey with key partners to discuss the data and plan for addressing identified gaps.
● Implementation of a container garden pilot project in the Owen Brown Place community, with assistance from the University of Maryland Extension, to serve as a model for other communities.
● Design, translation, and distribution of an accessible brochure to increase awareness of existing food resources in the County.
● Utilization of Geographic Information System technology to develop an interactive map of food and other resources related to addressing the social determinants of health for residents to access via the LHIC website.

Nearly one in six county residents reported concern about running out of food before they could afford more, according to the 2021 Howard County Health Assessment Survey. Additionally, the survey found that 32% of residents reported eating vegetables less than once per day in the past week, highlighting the need for expanded awareness and education surrounding nutritious food access.
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