The state of Maryland announced the introduction of new Medicaid benefits that will enhance health care access and support for Marylanders. The new benefits expand pregnancy care coverage, support interventions for community violence prevention and increase access to care for certified peer recovery services. It will also expand the settings where such services are provided.

The first key program, the Healthy Babies initiative, will help reduce maternal deaths in Maryland. The initiative provides comprehensive pregnancy and postpartum coverage to eligible individuals regardless of their U.S. citizenship status. To qualify, applicants must be pregnant or have recently given birth, reside in Maryland, and meet specific income limits.

Under the Healthy Babies initiative, applicants will be eligible for the same Medicaid benefits package available to other pregnant individuals, including physical and behavioral health services, as well as dental and prescription drug coverage without copays. Applicants will receive four months of postpartum coverage. Maryland Medicaid may also assist in covering health care expenses incurred during pregnancy or the four month postpartum period in the three months prior to application.

The Maryland Medicaid Administration also introduced the Community Violence Prevention Coverage program. Maryland is the second state to receive approval for this program, highlighting its commitment to community well-being. Covered services include mentorship, conflict mediation, crisis intervention, referrals to certified or licensed health care professionals or social services providers, patient education and screening services for victims of violence.

In addition, there are two new opportunities for Certified Peer Recovery Specialists and expanded its provider base, increasing access to care. Certified Peer Recovery Specialists who provide substance use disorder services at Federally Qualified Health Centers, opioid treatment programs, or community-based substance use disorder programs licensed by the Behavioral Health Administration may be reimbursed by Medicaid for offering these services and supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.