The Business Women’s Network of Howard County (BWN) has recently formalized a bilateral affiliate agreement with the Howard County Chamber.

The affiliate program allows for employees of the chamber and board members of BWN to attend events of the other organization at the member price.

As part of the affiliate agreement, the Chamber will waive the application fee for BWN members joining the chamber. Additionally, BWN members who are sole proprietors will receive a reduced rate for chamber membership.

“This affiliation has been in the works for many years, and we’re extremely pleased to provide these benefits and incentives to BWN members,” said Ronny Nadiv of the chamber membership director. “BWN has established a significant presence in the business community of Howard County, and this affiliate program will truly benefit the chamber, BWN, and the larger business community in general.”

Ashley Lazarewicz, president of BWN, expressed her enthusiasm, noting that “BWN is a unique organization that seeks to support and promote the business activities of its over 200 members.

The chamber provides services complementary to those offered by BWN, and we are thrilled to be able to make its programs more accessible to our members.”

The Business Women’s Network of Howard County promotes and supports professional women in their careers as executives, business owners and leaders. BWN provides a vibrant network of women who have a significant impact on the business environment in Maryland.

BWN holds monthly luncheons, which are typically attended by approximately 100 members. It also holds informal monthly coffee meetups and monthly happy hours at locations around Howard County.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all events have been held online and continue to be well-attended. For more information, visit