Attendees build their network at Turn Up Tuesday, a Howard County Chamber Young Professionals Network event. (Howard County Chamber photo)

The Howard County Chamber is offering a new Young Professional Leadership Series in September to December. With a launch date of Sept. 19, the series will run from 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays.

Sessions include:

• Critical thinking: In today’s fast-paced, media-centric, tech-driven world, the importance of critical thinking cannot be understated. Learn what critical thinking is, and the key characteristics of great critical thinkers. Practice critical thinking skills related to a real-world problem or issue. Facilitator: Regina Rabenhorst, owner and consultant for Triple Crown Results, certified professional in learning and performance.

• Managing multiple priorities: The world has become fast and complex. Our ability to respond and react quickly at work helps us become more effective, productive and impactful. The challenge is this speed and the associated expectation of rapid response and action has put additional strain on our need to focus on the task at hand. Learn the new normal when it comes to the amount of juggling it requires to stay current, maintain concentration and accomplish a mission. Learn best practices and strategies to help prioritize that to-do list and reduce distractions. 

Facilitator:Sam Stern, training consultant, executive coach, trainer.

• Effective communication: Communicating clearly and concisely is critical to professional success. Learn the fundamental principles of verbal and nonverbal communication, ways to overcome barriers to communication, and communication tools needed to become more effective speakers and listeners in today’s competitive workplace. Facilitator: James Parker, RGS, Inc. principal consultant, diversity, EEO, and mediation professional.

• Influencing up: Influencing up, or influencing your manager, is about relationship building. It’s about asking open-ended questions, actively listening, and sharing in honest conversations to better understand your managers and, in turn, for them to better understand you. This dynamic often affects the impact we make, the impact of our company, and the safety we feel in our day-to-day work environment. In this session, we’ll zoom in on the complex relationship between our manager and ourselves. We’ll characterize your current relationship, build conversational strategies around priorities and expectations, and better understand just how much influence we can have. Facilitator: Sam Stern, training consultant, executive coach, trainer.

• Effective presentation skills: The ability to deliver an effective presentation is critical in most job functions. Learn the impact of delivering effective public presentations. Learn to communicate effectively in work situations and how to get your ideas across to others using various delivery formats and technology, thereby gaining respect and commitment from others. Facilitator: Suzanne Kondner, president and lead facilitator, Human Advantage, Inc. 

To register,call 410-730-4111, email [email protected] or visit