Howard County has launched an online application system that transforms the way constituents connect with their local government and apply to become members of the County’s boards and commissions. The system is being implemented to streamline the boards and commissions application process, enhance transparency and foster greater community engagement.

With just a few clicks, interested candidates can complete the application form, provide their qualifications and relevant experience and submit a statement of interest. This new digital platform also offers a more secure, centralized hub to manage the process.

“Our local boards and commissions are the bedrock of our democratic process and play a pivotal role in shaping the policies, decisions and services that directly impact the lives of our constituents,” said County Executive Calvin Ball. “By providing a digital platform to simplify the application process, we are not only making it easier for our constituents to apply, but we are also empowering them to actively participate in their local government, ensuring a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and expertise. This new system furthers my administration’s commitment to ensuring an inclusive, transparent and responsible government.”

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