Image: Kirtip, Pixabay

The Brewers Association of Maryland has announced a Request for Proposal aimed at branding and promoting Maryland’s craft beverage alcohol industry. Home to more than 300 licensed breweries, cideries, distilleries, meaderies and wineries, Maryland’s craft beverage alcohol offerings are authentic and locally produced, providing a range of libations for the market.

The primary goal of this project is to develop a brand used to promote all locally-crafted alcohol product types, strengthening the position of locally-produced beverages in a competitive market. By doing so, it supports existing businesses, encourages new entrants and bolsters Maryland’s manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.

Maryland’s craft beverage alcohol industry is currently navigating multiple challenges, including closures, acquisitions and consolidations of breweries, wineries, distilleries and alcohol wholesalers. Consumer preferences, access to capital, retail saturation and economic uncertainties continue to pose ongoing concerns for industry players.

The industry has been historically under promoted and marketed compared to its regional counterparts. These diverse beverage categories have been marketed independently, limiting their outreach to specific audiences; however, as consumer preferences evolve, the lines between product categories blur, thus creating an opportunity to reach a broader audience.

This initiative is expected to run over several years and will roll out in distinct phases. The RFP period will run through Friday, Nov. 17. Inquiries related to the project or the RFP process should be directed to the evaluating committee by Wednesday, Nov. 8; the full RFP document, including all relevant details, can be accessed at