The Laurel City Council has been working on enhancements to the City of Laurel’s existing affordable and workforce housing policies and programs. Laurel does not, however, have its own Landlord Tenant Code. Prince George’s County does, and it includes the City of Laurel.

Prince George’s County recently introduced CB-007-2023 Rent Stabilization Act of 2023, Draft 2, that proposes to temporarily amend their Landlord Tenant Code to:

  • limit a landlord’s ability to increase rent for certain tenants above a certain amount.
  • limit increases to a certain amount.
  • provide for penalties.
  • and ensure that existing obligations or contract rights may not be impaired by the Act.

As there is currently no drafted legislation before the Mayor and City Council of Laurel, and because the City of Laurel is not exempt from the Prince George’s County Landlord-Tenant Code, City Council President Brencis Smith has announced that he has “placed a pause on any other discussion on affordable housing updates, including rent control measures, and will work in partnership with Prince George’s County Council on updating this section of the County Code.”

President Smith added, “it is in the best interest of the City Council to work with the Prince George’s County Council with one City voice on CB-007-2023 Rent Stabilization Act of 2023, so that there will be a level playing field throughout our County instead of each jurisdiction having a different policy.”

For more information, please email inquiries to Ms. Sara Green, Clerk of the City Council, at or call 301-725-5300 x 2121to reach the Clerk’s Office.