The Maryland Department of Commerce has partnered with REsimplifi to expand the state’s site selection portal from 450 active properties to more than 3,100 properties — a nearly seven-fold increase. Hosted through ZoomProspector, the updated platform provides commercial real estate property data for site selectors and economic development professionals who aim to do business in the state.

Among the benefits to this expanded database is the increased number of sites targeted toward small businesses. With more than 2,000 new sites imported into the platform, there are a variety of new specifications that can be used as search filters — such as properties under 20,000 square-feet and buildings suited for retail.

In addition to these new specs, the platform also allows users to explore communities by economic data including labor force availability, occupational wages, demographics, educational attainment and more.

“This significantly larger database will play a major role in helping Maryland companies relocate to better-suited sites, as well as out-of-state businesses that are interested in making the move to our great state,” said Maryland Commerce Secretary Kevin Anderson. “We believe this investment will keep site selectors looking at Maryland for potential economic development projects and continue growing the state’s competitiveness in the years to come.”

Maryland’s site selection database also benefits county economic development offices around the state. Talbot County, for example, recently partnered with REsimplifi to improve its own property listings. As more counties continue to invest in site selection tools, the amount of property listings on Maryland Commerce’s platform is expected to grow.

The database is available via