The Howard County Conservancy, of Woodstock, is asking residents, students and businesses to “Take a Pass on Plastic” and rethink their use of single-use plastics such as straws, shopping bags, utensils and plastic water bottles.

On Thursday, Nov. 15, to coincide with National America Recycles Day, locals are invited to stop by from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m., visit the nature center and trails, receive a free reusable shopping bag and spork, and learn more about the campaign and ways to get started. For more information about the Howard County Conservancy, visit or call 410-465-8877.

“Our county alone produces 30,500 tons of recycling, but 11 percent still ends up as garbage in landfills,” said Meg Boyd, executive director of the Howard County Conservancy.  “We’re trying to educate and encourage people to make small changes in their lives by taking a pass on plastic: saying no to plastic utensils and straws with carry-out, bringing your own water bottle or asking for alternatives to Styrofoam, as examples.”