Source – TPC Racing

More than three years after acquiring a four-acre site on 7869 Dorsey Run Road, TPC Racing has broken ground on its new 40,000-square-foot headquarters building in Jessup. TPC Racing will also lease the 27,000-square-foot industrial/warehouse space in the under-construction building.

The single-story project is expected to be delivered in late 2023 and is estimated to cost $8 million. The purchase was completed following a nearly 10-year search to find suitable space for the automotive group, which is involved in the international racing circuit and the sale and repair of high-end performance vehicles.

TPC Racing founder Michael Levitas had continually come up empty in his quest to find a suitable home for his expanding enterprise in the area due to the land-constrained market and his preference of retail and industrial uses, as opposed to opting for an industrial location along the Route 1 Corridor.

“We are experts in the automotive industry so, by designing this building from scratch, we have the unique opportunity to engineer every necessary and important feature and amenity into this project,” said Levitas. “This includes drive-in bays, a window-dominant exterior, an industrial-strength heating and ventilating system, and durable flooring. Looking back, this should have been our approach from the outset, but it took many rejections and disappointments to arrive at the best possible outcome.”

Levitas intends to move approximately 10 full-time employees into the building, which is contained upon a four-acre site. TPC Racing organizes and competes in racing competitions internationally with a focus on Porsche automobiles, with its owner achieving widespread recognition in events such as the Grand American Rotex Sports Car Series.

Kate Jordan, principal; and Marley Welsh, vice president with Lee & Associates/Maryland brokered the purchase of the site. They were also retained by TPC Racing to lease the available industrial/warehouse space in the under-construction building.