Columbia-based Dill Dinkers Pickleball has established a partnership with The Director’s Club of America, a community of industry leaders that educates and illustrates the path to success in the racquets and hospitality industry.

The Directors Club provides a platform where leaders share their failures, successes and advice to facilitate success. Through online networking events, workshops, guest speakers, classes and video libraries, Dill Dinkers and its franchisees are now able to take advantage of a national network to share knowledge and solve problems.

“We started Dill Dinkers because of our passion for the sport and the community it has provided us,” said Co-Founder and CEO Will Richards, alongside his wife Denise, co-founder, and chief operating officer, who brings his own franchise owner-operator experience to the table as a former Domino’s multi-unit franchisee.

In 17 months since the company’s inception in Columbia in November 2022, Dill Dinkers has opened four locations in Maryland with another location set to open in Manassas, Va., in April 2024. Since the announcement of its nationwide franchise launch in September 2023, the brand has signed 12 developers in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Connecticut, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Western Maryland and Pennsylvania, with 154 locations in development.

By the end of 2024, Dill Dinkers expects to have opened 30 locations as it continues to partner with applicants in markets including Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida and Ohio.