Mittias Skjelmose (Lidl-Trek) wins the 2023 Maryland Cycling Classic. (Photo Credit: Maryland Cycling Classic / Darrell Parks)

The Maryland Cycling Classic’s third edition, scheduled for September 2024, will be postponed until 2025.

According to a joint press release issued by the Maryland Sports Commission and the Sport & Entertainment Corp. of Maryland, the non-profit arm of MSC, the decision reflects a conscientious effort to respect the capacities of both Baltimore City and Baltimore County following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The Cycling Classic normally takes place during the Labor Day holiday weekend and would likely need to make changes to the race course as a result.

 The upcoming Paris Summer Olympics and the significant international competition schedule changes and team logistics also factored into the postponement.

“This brief pause in 2024 will allow the event to return in 2025 with even more vigor and momentum,” said Terry Hasseltine, Executive Director of the Maryland Sports Commission and President of the Sport & Entertainment Corporation of Maryland.

“I’m sad about the 2024 postponement, but understand the decision especially given the circumstances,” said John Kelly, President of Kelly Benefits Strategies and Volunteer Executive Chairman of the MCC.

In 2023, the Maryland Cycling Classic achieved unprecedented success in its second year, attracting an estimated 80,000 on-site spectators and nearly 800,000 livestream viewers, an increase of 200% from 2022. The regional over-the-air broadcast was bolstered through a partnership with Maryland Public Television, which aired six hours of live broadcast coverage, including five hours of the race and 30-minute preview and post shows.

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