The unemployed have a new resource for a job search.

Ready for public release on June 1, a new app called 1aJob (pronounced “wanna job”) is born of a necessity that rose long before COVID-19.

The app, a free service that matches jobseekers with employers, was designed by Columbia-based Sunny Patel, working with his father, Suresh Patel, who operates 11 Dunkin stores in Howard County, along with others throughout Maryland.

Sunny Patel

Over the years Sunny has seen firsthand his family struggling to find the right employees and retain them.

“Especially during certain months of the year, due to holiday seasons, summer vacation, college starting – employees always quit their jobs at the last minute or just don’t show up to work,” he said. “My dad thought of having an app or website that would take away employers’ pain, similar to Uber providing rides within minutes.”

Suresh, who had tried several hiring apps in the past, found they took too much time and money.

“Here,” he said, “we are doing it for free, and we’re providing a video-chat interview process that can help especially in the current situation.”

People being interviewed won’t even have to leave the app, which Sunny describes as “a one-stop solution.” It’s especially designed for part-time jobs or jobs with high turnover.

The name came up during an hours-long father-son conversation, and the heart behind it formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people lost their jobs, and many employers have had to painfully cut their staff.

“As things get better, job demands will increase drastically from job seekers and employers,” said Sunny. “We have noticed it is easier to get employees as summer starts, since most of the students are looking for part-time jobs to help with their tuition fees.”

When schools and colleges start, it then becomes very difficult to find employees, he added. “Also, during the holiday season – November to December – employees do take several holidays and it becomes very difficult for small business to continue their normal operations. Even one less employee can make a huge difference in the business revenue.”

By Susan Kim | Staff Writer | The Business Monthly | June 2020 issue