Columbia-based TEDCO has signed a Partner Intermediary Agreement with the National Cancer Institute Technology Transfer Center. This agreement will codify the relationship between NCI and TEDCO, allowing the two organizations to help promote and foster more opportunities for Maryland’s life sciences community to work together with NCI on cooperative research.

In addition, this agreement creates various support mechanisms for the Maryland ecosystem.
● TEDCO will support the identification of ways businesses and educational institutions can make productive use of NCI technologies and technology-related assistance.
● Collaborative efforts between NCI, which will identify inventions available for licensing, and TEDCO, which will support in identifying businesses and educational institutions interested in learning about the identified inventions.
● TEDCO will support the identification of technology-related programs that can benefit businesses and educational institutions.
● TEDCO can help identify biopharmaceutical and healthcare entities interested in cooperative research agreements with NCI.
● A collaborative and ongoing discussion of possible technology marketing, outreach and educational programs, while also cooperating in the presentation of programs showcasing NCI technologies and research and development areas of interest.
● TEDCO will showcase the technology and capabilities of businesses and educational institutions that may be of interest to NCI in connection with its research and development mission.

“At TEDCO, we are committed to fostering opportunities for the life sciences community and universities to work with NCI,” said Troy LeMaile-Stovall, TEDCO CEO. “Through this PIA, TEDCO will help identify and promote NCI technologies, as well as facilitate connections between businesses and educational institutions. By stitching together our ecosystem, we can create new opportunities for growth and innovation in the life sciences community.”

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